The exact date when a contractor's association was first formed in Antigua is uncertain. However, we recall that an association existed before the construction of the original Jolly beach Hotel, some thirty years ago.

At this time, it was headed by Wilkin Griffith, Tony Johnson, and the late Rob Seller. It seemed to have a singular function, which was to negotiate wage contracts with the Unions who act on behalf of the workers, and it continued playing that role until sometime in the early eighties when Tommy Joseph, Laurent Gilkes, and Bengt Berntsson were elected to head the executive.

It was then duly registered under the company's Act as a none profit organization. A vigorous effort was then made to have the government enact legislation through Parliament namely "The Contractor's Regulation Act", which would serve to regulate ALL contractors and the construction industry on a whole in Antigua & Barbuda.

To this end, an attorney was engaged and a draft act was submitted to the government for review. There was strong opposition from the government and legislation was never implemented.

Regrettably, the failure to press for an Act to regulate the industry worked adversely against the association. Its membership became disenchanted and the association became dormant.

Past and continuing events have shown the need for a strong and vibrant association, hence the resurgence under this new executive.

We can only hope that contractors will unite and recognise the benefits of a strong contractors association!